We create products
that are unique,
distinct and exciting


We work with the biggest and best brands because we are passionate, creative and focus on the bigger commercial picture - giving customers products they are thrilled about, time and time again.
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vision a reality

Our experience means we are skilled in identifying and predicting trends – we have an instinctive ability for knowing what is or going be popular in the market. This is because we have an in-depth understanding of your consumer and their needs, wants and desires. As a result, we create unique products that have that something “special” that sets them apart from the rest. We love our work and we love the process - we’re Detail Oriented, Holistic and Flexible in our approach.

A quality product guaranteed, each and every time

With our years of experience behind us we have built and maintained brilliant relationships with our suppliers to ensure we source the highest quality materials and bring you a quality assured product every time. Let us obsess about the details to give you a product that wows. Carpa Design Europe is a market leader that moves at light speed. We’re a company that has been built on pride and we never let anything go to market that we are not absolutely 100% happy with. That is a guarantee that you can count on.